About Dr. Shelia McGrew

Get to know Dr. Shelia

Dr. Shelia McGrew

Is a certified Life Coach. She is also a motivational speaker with a weekly radio and Facebook Live program called, PrayerTime w/Dr. Shelia.

She has over 15 years of experience with Life Coaching, Elder Care, Adults with special needs, child/preteen/teen coaching and more.

Her community achievements include starting the WR McGrew Outreach, Development, and Education Program, a non-profit that encourages social activities and community awareness.

She loves speaking and uplifting others to live a full life on purpose!

Why I Became a Life Coach

The reason I became a Life Coach is very simple… I love people. In a perfect world, everyone would have positive people in their lives who speak life and gratitude into them.

Unfortunately, finding people who are positive, passionate, and genuinely sincere in helping others become the best person they can be, is a daunting task. For years I’ve had so many people come to me for advice, a listening ear, or just to be around them to provide a positive vibe.

It gives me joy to be that sounding board; that little nudge that could possibly catapult a person into making their dreams reality. I feel that growth will flourish on both sides. Each client that books a session with me will have an opportunity to speak freely without criticism or judgment and with encouragement and support. Together we will explore the paths of progression and see what the future will hold.